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South Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting on high fence and low fence ranches. We offer package deer hunts on low fence ranches and South Texas deer hunts on high fenced ranches. Guided whitetail deer hunts are the most popular hunts we offer. 

This season we are offering low and high fence whitetail deer hunts on several ranches in the George West, Three Rivers, and Tilden area. All of our ranches are managed and we feed 365 days a year. We corn our ranch roads daily to keep our wildlife patterned. We have ranches that are set up for bow hunting and can only be bow hunted. Rifle hunting is not allowed on these ranches. Our Rifle hunting ranches are open to bow hunters. We have comfortable 2-3 man box/tower blinds with 1 or 2 feeding stations at each blind. We strive to provide a high quality, yet affordable whitetail deer hunt. By only taking MATURE deer we have built up our ranches into PRIME HUNTING RANCHES.   Our focus on these SOUTH TEXAS TROPHY HUNTS is to provide our customers with the opportunity to harvest MATURE BUCKS.  


-This hunt will be done on our rifle hunting ranches. These ranches are open to bow hunters as well. The hunt is 3 days and 2 nights. Transportation on the ranch will be provided for you while you are hunting.  This is a semi- guided hunt. 


-1 Mature Buck 

-Unlimited Hogs

-1 Turkey

-1 Bobcat

-Unlimited Predators

-1 Javelina

-Lodging (4 Days/3 Nights)


 -$2,200 Per Person - **(If There Is No Kill You Will Be Refunded $1,000.)**


 Guided High Fence/ Low Fence Combination


Guided high fence trophy deer hunts are all inclusive, 1x1 guided. Meals and lodging, game skinning/quartering is included. We have a low fence/high fence combination hunt available for the 2014-2015 season. Availability is very limited. The hunt will be split up on different ranches. One being high fenced and the other will be on a low fence ranch. The hunt is fully guided.  We have a 100% shot opportunity on high fence hunts and a very high success rate on our low fence hunts. 


* 1 Management Buck (Guides Choice) - High Fence

* 1 Trophy Buck (Guides Choice) - Low Fence

* Unlimited Hogs

* 2 Javelina

* 1 Turkey

* Lodging/ Meals- (4 Days/ 3 Nights)

 -$3,500 Per Person - All Inclusive Package

 Guided High Fence Whitetail Deer Hunting

All- inclusive guided whitetail deer hunts available on managed trophy hunting ranches. We offer high fence whitetail deer hunting on several ranches in Live Oak and Atascosa county. These hunts are all-inclusive, meaning everything you need will be provided for you. 

Up To 140- $2,500

140-149- $3,500

150-159- $4,500

160-169- $6,000

170-179- $7,000

180-189- $8,000

190- 199- $10,500



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