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Welcome to South Texas Hunting Outfitters, LLC


South Texas Hunting Outfitters, LLC company's core mission is to provide hunters with a quality hunting experience, while providing landowners with various wildlife management needs. Unlike most hunting outfitters, South Texas Hunting Outfitters is not just a booking agency or a hunting outfitter, STHO is involved with the wildlife management programs on the ranches that are operated and ran by STHO. From managing camps to scheduling of guides and cooks, STHO is a full service outfit that caters to both landowners and hunters.

STHO has been featured on several television shows including PIGMAN TV, The Given Right, and NWHA. South Texas Hunting Outfitters has grown to be one of the most recognized hunting operations in Texas, operating on over 300,000 acres of private land in South and West Texas. Its affiliate 3M Ranch Management, LLC has staff in the field who are involved with management programs on several ranches across the state of Texas. STHO provides a wide variety of services to hunters, landowners, hunting clubs, and others who are in need of services that pertain to commercial hunting and wildlife management programs.

We have built our reputation and business around the South Texas whitetail deer hunting opportunities that we have offered over the years. We are currently operating on 9 ranches across the state of Texas. We have exclusive hunting rights to our ranches and manage them to produce high quality whitetails. Most of the ranches we hunt are low fence, however we offer whitetail hunts on high fence ranches as well.

Our dove hunting has been known as the best wing shooting in the Corpus Christi area. Each year we prepare over 20,000 acres of milo, corn, sunflowers, and sesame fields for our hunters. We have fields scattered in many areas near Corpus Christi that provide excellent wing shooting for groups of all sizes.

STHO also offers hunts in West Texas for aoudad, mule deer, and elk. We are currently operating on over 200,000 acres of private land in West Texas near Marfa and Marathon. This area provides a very unique and untamed landscape that is truly a beautiful area to hunt.


Our mission statement is to provide our hunters and landowners with quality services built around hard work, ethical behavior, integrity, and professionalism in the ever-evolving industry that we are in.




Whitetail Hunting

Dove Hunting

Turkey Hunting

 We offer package deer hunts on low fence ranches and South Texas deer hunts on high fenced ranches.

South Texas dove hunting is a tradition in Texas. We offer dove hunts near Corpus Christi, dove hunting near San Antonio, and dove hunting in the Central Zone.

We offer Spring turkey hunting on ranches in the Refugio, Dilley, San Angelo, and Dilley area. The properties we hunt are fed year round and provide excellent turkey habitat.

Hog/Javelina Hunting

Exotic Hunting

West Texas Hunting

South Texas Hog Hunting is growing more popular every day. South Texas Hunting Outfitters offers day hunts for hog as well as package hog hunts.

Hill Country exotic hunting is known for the excitement and challenge. Our ranches are set up so that you can hunt many different ways.

Not only does STHO offer hunting opportunities in South Texas, we operate on over 300,000 acres in West Texas. This area of Texas offers excellent mule deer, aoudad, and elk hunting.